Barbering Essentials

Our workshop is designed to introduce the theory of barbering to support the essential knowledge of the industry. Barbering is a skill set within itself which involves a very strong foundation, and we have created a clear and detailed philosophy, which aims to help at any stage of your career.

The course will cover, head shapes, growth patterns, hairlines and the technical aspects of cutting, graduation and layering, freehand, step by step fading and refining techniques. We’ll be exploring clipper techniques, guard choice, clipper-over comb, learn how to style and finish the look using the appropriate products, all helping to develop a better understanding of our craft.

Massage Essentials

Touch in a form of massage is an ancient healing method to promote health. It relieves pain, heals injuries, prevents and cures illness. It supports and stimulates healthy body functions. So does on our face. Therefore it should be one of the fundamental element in our skin care routine and facial treatments we offer for our clients at the spa.

This course will open a new world for you and your clients through Hungarian facial massage where there is no facial without a massage.

Nutrition Inside-Out

During this course we will discuss why caring for our skin is important not only for esthetic benefit but for our health. We will learn and understand the connection between our lifestyle and how it affects our skin.

The course will cover skin science, how the skin ages throughout our lives and what affects those changes, what our skin needs to function properly. We will detail gut health, learn about how the digestive system works and what kind of ingredients we should consume to nourish our body and skin from the inside-out.

Wedding Make-Up

Polish your skills and learn basic and new techniques to make every bride looking her best on a special day!

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